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WIth a sidecar there is the advantage of stability over the solo bike , but one mustn’t forget that unlike a solo bike a sidecar will not lean into bends.
Because of its asymmetrics a sidecar will not behave in the same way round right and left hand bends .
The outfit will most probably be heavier than the machine you are used to riding , and the braking will be less efficient. You will need to anticipate situations sooner than you are used to….

One of the most important things never to forget when riding a side car is TURN THE HANDLEBARS.

A sidecar outfit has a tendancy to pull towards the side of the sidecar during acceleration ( ie to the right of the bike if riding an outfit set up for driving on the right, as in France).

During braking there is a tendancy to be drawn to the left, though this can be compensated for to some degree by using front and back brakes together , particulaly with the Urals as there is a link from the back brake to a sidecar brake.

Because of this the rider must learn to compensate for these forces by applying pressure to the handlebars to ensure that the vehicule is kept in the correct direction. The very first exercise on our sidecar training is to follow a straightline , accelerating, braking and changing up and down the gears, to get the feel of the pull of the sidecar and to be able to control its direction.

The dynamics for a sidecar change when approaching right and left bends and so the rider must understand how to approach bends correctly in order to maintain control over the machine. Simply speaking , entering a left bend forces will push out towards the sidecar keeping all 3 wheels on the ground, however with a right hand bend , if the line or speed are incorrect then the sidecar may lift off the ground. If this happens it is extremely important to maintain control of the handlebars and direction as the natural tendancy of the vehicle will be to drift towards the opposing line of traffic.

The dynamics will also change depending on how you have loaded your outfit. The better the balance between the bike and the sidecar, the greater the stability in the turns.

Control will come with practise, and with knowledge of the behavioural characteristics of a sidecar outfit. Our side­car school aims to inform you and put into practise the fundamentals of riding a sidecar safely on the public highway.

Remember , you should always ride within your capabalities.


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So why Urals?

Well, the obvious answer is that we are a Ural dealer and so it makes sense to use the bikes that we sell and know inside out.
However, it’s deeper than that;
Personally I just love riding these machines – rustic , but at the same time elegant .. No pretensions, yet a wonderfully classic look.
Certainly not rocket powered, but plenty of power to enjoy the ride and not get left behind.
Yes it’s true , a Ural may be a little less stable than other sidecars due to the fact that the basket is slightly higher off the ground , but as with every vehicle in existence, if you understand the machine and are aware of your own capabilities you’ll have absolutely no problem  mastering these magnificent beasts (well more like teddy bears if you gauge the look on the faces as you pass by).
So why Urals? – because they’re perfect – and we’re passionate about them
A quick video showing you how we put them together

Why Train?

If the video above isn’t a good enough reason for why to train please read below.

Sidecars are invariably, and often mistakenly considered to be purely motorcycles with a third wheel. However, as anyone who has ridden one of these machines will immediately tell you, a sidecar is a vehicle that for riding safety purposes should be in a category of its own.

It is true that a special sidecar driving licence is not required – the motorcyle licence being the only pre­requisite. However, at Classic Bike Esprit we feel it is important that every person intending to ride a sidecar outfit should not enter onto public roads without first having had some form of training in the basic principals of riding these machines.

Controlling a sidecar is not difficult but it is different – different from any other type of machine. This control will come much more rapidly to the rider if he/she has understood the basic principals of sidecars and side­car riding . A side­car has an asymmetry that gives it diferent characteristics to other vehicles and it is largely because of this that the manner of driving is unlike that of a solo motorbike or a car.

For this reason we offer sidecar training to all potential purchasers, people wishing to rent our sidecars, or merely the curious motorcyclist who wants to experience the different world of three wheel travel.

For those wishing to rent one of our sidecar outfits we offer an obligatory day’s training . For the curious , or the potential sidecar purchaser there is no obligation to undergo any training, it is simply prudent to do so.

A sidecar is not a substitute for a solo motorbike, it is another dimension within the world of motorcycling.

Our sidecar school aims to help you brush off your solo riding habits whilst riding a sidecar and instill good sidecar riding reflexes. We dare you – MAKE THE CHANGE


Itinerary / Programme

09h00 : Rendez-vous at Classic Bike Esprit, Saint Rémy de Pce
Follow a short induction on the basics of sidecars then head up to the training ground to perform exercises
12h30 – 14h00 : Lunch Break
14h00 : Road riding with instructor in the sidecar
If the instructor has confidence in your riding, you will finish the training with a 60km ride along varied roads to test your ability.
17h00 : Return to Classic Bike Esprit
The itinerary will be adapted to the ability of the trainee.
Training can be conducted in English or French.





Individual 325 €
Two People 490 €


(No Road Riding)

Individual 195 €
Two People 290 €

Petrol expenses included.

For the day’s training we offer a free pick-up and drop-off from Avignon TGV station.

After having participated in the full day training you should now have acquired the sufficient skills to rent one of our sidecars HERE.


Sidecar schools run through out the year.
Because the sidecar trainings are customised for each clients needs, we would prefer if you call us or send us an email to make a reservation.
+33- (0)490 260319 / (0)6 81 53 38 28
Fill in this form if you prefer us to get in touch with you.