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So why Urals?

Well, the obvious answer is that we are a Ural dealer and so it makes sense to use the bikes that we sell and know inside out.
However, it’s deeper than that;
Personally I just love riding these machines – rustic , but at the same time elegant .. No pretensions, yet a wonderfully classic look.
Certainly not rocket powered, but plenty of power to enjoy the ride and not get left behind.
Yes it’s true , a Ural may be a little less stable than other sidecars due to the fact that the basket is slightly higher off the ground , but as with every vehicle in existence, if you understand the machine and are aware of your own capabilities you’ll have absolutely no problem ¬†mastering these magnificent beasts (well more like teddy bears if you gauge the look on the faces as you pass by).
So why Urals? – because they’re perfect – and we’re passionate about them
A quick video showing you how we put them together